We specialise in

Traditional French Polish.

French polishing consists of applying many thin layers of shellac using a polishers rubber. This long process achieves a deep beautiful finish to wood surfaces.


We use a fine gold leaf to achieve the traditional, decorative finish.

Joint repairs.

Broken chairs, tables, stools. From missing legs to wobbly pool tables. We use the finest materials alongside traditional methods.


Vases, bowls, object da. We can repair a vast range of materials.

Painting repairs.

Ripped canvas, dirty and stained pictures. We restore many mediums, along with re mounting,  frame work, gilding and glazing.


We undertake all veneer repairs and replacement. From making a new table top to cutting in a missing section.

Lock repairs.

Missing keys or broken locks, we can repair or replace with traditional cabinet furniture.


Using our lathe we can replicate missing legs and feet, producing new pieces aged to match the original item.

In the event of a flood, fire, disastrous house move, or burglary. We can deal directly with insurance companies and loss adjusters.

Please ring if we can help in any way.

07818 032 088

Furniture restoration and high quality interior wares 

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